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  • Higher Degrees
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Research
  • Consultancy & Public Service
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ARCIS runs the following higher degree programmes:

Master of Information Science (MInfSc) degree programme

Professional Master of Information Resources Management (MIRM) degree programme

Master of Philosophy (MPhil) degree programme

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree programme.

ARCIS provides training up to the doctorate level to meet Africa's developmental initiatives that depend on information technology and efficient management of information. The Master of Information Science Programme imparts skills in organization and management of information, development of information systems, information technologies, communication and utilization of information, as well as quantitative and research capabilities.

By the end of the 2008/2009 session, ARCIS had turned out a total of 572 graduates from the Master of Information Science programme, most of who are making remarkable impact in various organizations, including banks, oil companies, management consultancy firms, non-governmental organizations, research institutes, government ministries and government agencies in Nigeria and other African countries.

ARCIS has also produced fourteen Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) graduates by the 2008/2009 session. 



Seminars and Workshops


ARCIS organizes regular staff and doctoral student seminars to which participants are invited from within and outside the university.


The First Biennial ARCIS Guest Lecture was held in 2008 as part of the 60th Anniversary Celebrations of the founding of the University of Ibadan, the parent institution of ARCIS. The lecture was presented by a distinguished ARCIS Alumnus and Managing Director and Chief Executive of African Languages Technology Initiative (ALT-I), Dr Olatunde Adegbola. 


ARCIS training workshops are in four categories:

    • Local area workshops, which target staff, students and others within the university campus and/or in Ibadan.
    • National workshops, which provide continuing education training in information and knowledge management systems, technologies and applications for human resources in different industrial sectors of Nigeria.
    • International workshops and seminars targeted primarily to West African regional audiences.
    • Demand-led workshops, which can be customised to the requirements of specific client organisations in the public or private sectors.


The members of staff of ARCIS engage in individual and multi-disciplinary research efforts, aimed at advancing the frontiers of knowledge in information science and providing solutions to practical problems of information management and services in Africa. Current areas of research focus include:

Information and Knowledge Use

Knowledge management (private sector, tertiary education, public sector) Information creation and use for the Millennium Development Goals.

Information Technology

Information technology applications in agriculture and rural economies, small and medium enterprises, e-government, higher education, databanks, natural language processing of African languages.

Systems Development

Systems development, web applications, human/computer interface research, information system audit evaluation.

Information Resource Management

Organization of information and data sources, information and documentation services, management of information systems and services.

Scholarly Communication and Informetrics

Bibliographic and structural analysis of the literature, information needs and use, communication patterns and information flows, information sources, systems and services, simulation and modeling.

Information Economy and Policy Issues

Information industry surveys, social informatics, public information policy, corporate information technology policy, information diffusion, information technology transfer, telecommunications, economics of information services.
These areas of research provide the foundation for the Consultancy and Related Public Services of the Centre.


Staff Publications
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Longe F. A. 2012 Information Technology-Induced Anonymity, Social Interaction and Web Ethics In Nigeria: An Investigation into Factor Interplay.

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Longe F. A. 2011 An Empirical Test of the Job-Demand Control Model Among IT Users – A Case of the Nigerian Workplace.

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Longe, O. B., Longe, F. A., Chiemeke, S.C. and Onifade, O.F.W. 2008 Camoflages and Token Manipulations –The Changing Faces of the Nigerian Fraudulent 419 Spammers.

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Adeola O. Opesade (May, 2011) 2011 Strategic, Value-based ICT investment as a key factor in bridging the digital divide. Information Development Vol. 27(2) pp.100–108.

Total Publication 6



Consultancy & Related Public Service

ARCIS provides, through its various collaborative links with expertise in different fields, a strategic reservoir of consultants in the information sciences to African public and private sectors. ARCIS is thus able to undertake or coordinate information, research and management consultancy services in diverse information science and technology domains, including organisational and public information policy research, corporate information and knowledge audits, e-government, information industry surveys, databank development, information systems development and deployment, statistical and economic data analyses, web applications, and software development. Consultancy services are available in all the areas of Research of members of staff.


Fees & Tutions

Tuition fees and other charges applicable to the higher degree programmes of ARCIS (Master of Information Science, Master of Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy, etc) are administered online by the Postgraduate School, University of Ibadan. The schedule of the current fees can be browsed at the website of the Postgraduate School at www.ui.edu.ng
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