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 Master of Information Science |  Master/Doctor of Philosophy  

MPhil and PhD Degree Programmes


These interdisciplinary programmes are designed to produce high-level personnel capable of doing research, teach in universities and other tertiary education institutions, and provide leadership in different aspects of the information sciences.

The degrees shall be designated:

  • MPhil, that is, Master of Philosophy in information science; and
  • PhD, that is, Doctor of Philosophy in information science.

Areas of Specialization

  • Quantitative and Qualitative Techniques
  • Behavioural Issues in Information Science
  • Organization and Retrieval of Information 
  • Knowledge Management
  • Economics of Information
  • Politics of Information
  • Information Systems
  • Social Informatics
  • Internet Technology
  • Speech and Language Technology

Admission requirements

  1. Admission is normally open to candidates with the MInfSc degree of the University of Ibadan, or its approved equivalents.
  2. Candidates must have a Weighted Average Mark of 50 - 54.9% in the MInfSc degree or its recognized equivalent, in order to be admitted to the MPhil degree programme, 55 - 59.9% to be admitted to the MPhil/Ph.D programme, and 60% and above to be admitted directly to the Ph.D programme.

Duration of the programmes

The full-time MPhil degree programme normally lasts for not less than two semesters; while the full-time PhD programme lasts not less than four semesters. Part-time candidates would normally be required to spend a minimum of four semesters and eight semesters, from the time of first registration, for the MPhil and PhD programmes respectively.

Registration requirements

  1. Candidates for either the MPhil or PhD degree programme shall register for a maximum of 12 units of courses, including the compulsory course(s) at the 800 level and electives at 700/800 levels. The electives may be taken either in ARCIS or in other approved departments of the university. Such courses should be relevant to the research proposals of the candidates.
  2. The course requirements, or any part of the course requirements, may be waived for MPhil/PhD candidates who already possess the MInfSc degree of this university, or its approved equivalents, and are considered to have done sufficient relevant courses to enable them proceed with their research. Each case shall be considered on its own merit.
  3. Further details in respect of the MInfSc, MPhil and PhD degrees offered by ARCIS will be found in the current issue of the `General Regulations Governing Higher Degree Programmes' published by the Postgraduate School.

Criteria for awarding the degrees

Candidates admitted to the MPhil/PhD programme will be expected to take both written and oral examinations to determine their suitability for conversion to the PhD registration. Thereafter, both the MPhil and PhD degrees are awarded as a result of the successful presentation and defence of dissertations and theses respectively.

800-Level Courses

  • FSC 801: Advanced Statistical Methods (C)
  • FSC 802: Information Policies (E)
  • FSC 803: Planning and Implementation of Information Systems (E)
  • FSC 804: Economics and Marketing of Information (E)
  • FSC 805: Information Personnel Management (E)
  • FSC 806: Linguistic Applications in Information Retrieval (E)
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